Thursday, January 20, 2011

So.. We Finished the Amp.. kinda : /

After all is said and done we tackled the rest of the components, checked and double checked everything and the moment of truth was upon us!!!

After shielding ourselves and putting in ear plugs, we went ahead and plugged it in!

To our shock, all of the tubes lit up as they should and the amp looked lovely... however, shortly after it began to make a strange noise and did not really function the way that we hoped.

So, off to for some advice! In the meanwhile.. look how pretty it is!

If you are curious... keep an eye on the thread at AudioKarma and DiyAudio

Friday, January 14, 2011

Changing up the solder and some real progress is made!

Discovered tonight that a lot of our soldering trouble was coming the type were using. Although we aren't sure of the current brand, it is certainly working a lot better. Melts at lower temp and seems to flow a lot better.

Close up of capacitors.

We feel like some major progress has been made, we counted up the parts that are remaining and found them all on schematic. We should be ready to test and power up within three weeks.