Saturday, February 12, 2011

NEW PROJECT! Semi-Automated Record Cleaner!

We have been talking about buying a record cleaner that a few of us could share. Now, since we have "finished" the amp and have this time booked out each week we thought it would be best to just move straight onto a new project before we fill the time slot with anything else.

The basis of this project will based on Jimmy Neutrons design.

The plan is to source the parts (minus the VPI brush) from the local Thrift Stores and whatever parts that we have already.


Direct Drive Turntable with dust cover
Shop vac or small canister vac with hoses
Shelf or rolling cart with a door or drawer
Catch tank for fluid
Junction box for wiring
Switches and outlet for external control

The Finished Product!

We are still having some trouble with the excessive bass, but with the preamp it can be controlled a bit better.

The project took quite some time so, even though its not perfect, we decided to just put it into use.

Some of the final wiring.. It's not too clean, but its still something to be proud of.

I moved around some things and got this on top of the NAD pre and there is enough ventilation for it. I do like how it looks and I am sure over time we will tweak it a bit to get it to sound better, but as of now it is a great functioning amp.