Friday, November 12, 2010

A bit more progress...

Today we spent another couple of hours wiring.

We were able to get all of the speaker outputs wired up

..about half of the volume control

and the first handful of components in place.

Its actually starting to look like the complex mess that it should look like!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Beginning to wire

Finally, we get to fire up the soldering irons and get to work!

On our first night soldering... we literally spent about 2hrs and got the volume control and one ground wire finished.........

Also, we got all of the speaker output connectors wired up.

We did get more familiar with the schematic and setup a good work flow.

Definitely hoping that it will go a bit quicker from here on out.

Otherwise, this will take us a good handful of months!

Getting started

We started by mounting some of the larger parts to the chassis and dry fitting some of the components.

Not too far in we realized that the transformer covers would not actually fit over the output transformers.. I mean, no matter what ... they are about 1/4" too big!

I contacted the company and they replied something along the lines of...

"Yes, they are too big" and "You need to make them smaller to fit"

After asking for clarity, they replied once again with

"Reduce side covers carefully"

At this point, I kind of gave up on translating the directions.

I found a way to take the transformer apart and there are 2 metal covers that go over the coils.

Once they were removed, the cover had more than enough clearance.

We then mounted the side panels and started to translate the schematic!

The Plan!

So, I have been looking for a nice tube amp to upgrade my stereo a bit.

I have been collecting vinyl for a long time and am very slowly building up a decent playback system.

Funds are tight and I love to tinker and build electronics. So, my buddy Jeff and I decided to build or repair an existing amp.

First, we bought a $50 amp from some guy on Craigslist that was extremely confusing and probably extremely dangerous with out limited knowledge.

I then found a DIY kit on eBay that was in my price range and would work well with my current gear.

It was shipped from China and basically is a ton of pieces and an empty chassis.

This came with 2 schematics and no directions at all!