Friday, May 27, 2011

Setting the Motor and Platter Into Place

After dry fitting it last week, we actually tried to get this thing in straight and at the right height. We basically mounted it with 4 pieces of all-thread with a nut, washer, lock washer and rubber washer on top and bottom of the shelf and the mounting brackets for the motor. We put one set of washers and nuts on both sides so that we could get them nice and tight and to minimize vibration of the motor. With this method we could rise and lower any of the pieces of the all-thread, before tightening everything down to get the spindle as straight as possible.

We have the spindle gear coming up about 1.5" from the table top and it is sitting rather flat.

With the platter on, its starting to look like something useable!

Next, we wanted to fabricate something to add a bit more pressure to the platter. We did a test run with a Discwasher brush and if you hold down on the platter hard enough, you can stop the platter from spinning... but, the spindle will keep moving.

Jeff had picked up an old hockey puck from work and drilled it out to cover the spindle. First, he had to find the center of it by using some old school mathematic procedures!

Go Science!

Then, just drilled out a center hole...

And when added to the spindle, it increases the torque a lot

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