Friday, June 3, 2011

Finishing up the Wiring and Installing the Switch

So, we are basically finished. We ordered a switch/speed control for a ceiling fan to slow down the motor a bit. It works fairly well and slows it down, but we lose a lot of torque. We can get it to a point where the speed is ok and the torque is ok, but its not quite as slow as we wanted it to be.

Since we do not have many woodworking tools, we ended up drilling out a hole for the switch to be mounted in. It took some time, but with the cover plate on it, it will look fine!

Next week we will just need to button things up and put this project away.

Originally we planned for this to be a bit more involved but it kept getting more and more complex. The motor system really threw us off. Since the motor was too fast and the spindle too short, we spent a lot of time trying to adapt it to work. If we were to do this again, I would say we should spend a lot more time researching the proper motor. We scrapped the vacuum system as well because just the hose portion from VPI was $70+ and since we were compromising here and there anyways, we thought to scrap it.

We have to use a brush to wet the record and to distribute the fluid as is and we would just have to turn the same brush backwards to dry it. Next week we will post some photos of it working.

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